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Atlanta children’s photography is always an interesting challenge, and one that we love (having three little kiddos ourselves).  Figuring out the right time of day to catch your toddler in the best mood is often the first goal.  Figuring out a location that will make your child feel comfortable and expressive is usually the second challenge.  Well, sometimes the challenge is not a challenge at all. A is for Adorable and when this little bundle of energy exploded into our photography  studio we were in LOVE!  I also knew this was going to be a wonderful session.  She was so excited about having her pictures taken and greeted each of us with a smile and a hug!  We photographed “Miss Adorable’s” mom and dad several years ago when they were bride and groom, but today it was HER turn!!  We headed a few blocks over to downtown Decatur to take advantage of all the bright colors and beautiful light!  We started at the playground behind the Decatur Library and from the moment she stepped in front of Adam’s camera – it was magic!  It was the perfect backdrop for this children’s photography session and we had an absolute ball!  Thank you for brightening our day and for sharing that gorgeous and infectious grin!  We have enjoyed every second of working on these images because they make it perfectly impossible not to smile!!  Interested in having a similar experience with your child? Click here.

baby smiling on a slide Atlanta Children's PhotographyLittle baby with three different smiles Atlanta Children's Photography




We are passionate about documenting the art of living this beautiful thing called life!Art of Life
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We are passionate about capturing
the art of living this wonderful thing called life!
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