Hello 6 months! How did you get here SO fast….

One thing people always say when I talk about my kiddos is “wow you must have SO many great pictures of them!”  I will admit the pictures I have of them are great – but there are not as many as you may think!  Scheduling time and getting to the studio is hard! Yes, even when it is where you work EVERY DAY!  The importance of scheduling sessions to capture the big milestones is not lost on us!  We struggle too!  For the first year of life it’s great to go in with a plan!  Newborn, 4 month, 8month and one year is a great place to start!  Birthdays are a great time to schedule a special solo portrait session as your child gets older!  Whatever you decide, plan it and stick to it because this time goes by so fast!!!  We had a mini session with our now 6 month old yesterday!  So fun!

We are passionate about documenting the art of living this beautiful thing called life!Art of Life
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We are passionate about capturing
the art of living this wonderful thing called life!
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